#21: Using Social Media to Preach The Gospel & Make Disciples

Fr. Ian VanHeusen is one of our young, dynamic priests in the Diocese of Raleigh and he’s come on the show to talk about his faith journey, his discernment to the priesthood, and how he is using technology and social media to help preach the Gospel and form disciples of Jesus Christ.



#20: Bearing One Another’s Burdens

Samaritan Ministries is an exciting healthcare-sharing organization that brings Christians together to bear each other’s burdens by providing for one another’s healthcare needs.  Michael Hopp, Samaritan’s Vice President for External Relations, joins us to talk about Samaritan’s mission, the importance of Christians relying on each other instead of the government, and how health-care-sharing organizations can serve as cost-effective and spiritually edifying alternatives to traditional health insurance and Obamacare.


#19: Testifying With Your Career

Dr. Patrick O’Connell, is a primary-care physician who has recently left a position at a major university to open a Christian concierge medical practice.  He has come on the show to talk to us about the reasons that lead him to take this step in his career, the ethical and moral issues facing Christians in medicine and in our culture today, as well as the attitude Christians need to have in an increasingly secular and challenging culture.


#18: Having A Shepherd’s Heart

Michael Coggin, Assistant Pastor of Counseling and Discipleship at Grace Blue Ridge Presbyterian Church, joins us to talk about what it means for a man to have a shepherd’s heart, how life events like divorce can impact our ability to have a shepherd’s heart, and how we can grow in this vital aspect of Christian manhood.




#17: Navy SEAL and Christian Soldier

Active-duty Navy SEAL, “Simon”, joins us to talk about becoming a Navy SEAL, his journey from Pentecostal Christian/Messianic Jew to Catholic, military brotherhood and Christian brotherhood, his many wake-up calls, biblical manliness, and being a Christian soldier.




#16: Identifying The Apostolate/Ministry That God Is Calling You To

Tim Hahn is a mechanical engineer, entrepreneur, and one-time national director of adult programs for an international Catholic lay organization, who has had years of experience in helping others start and build vibrant apostolates and ministries across the country.

Today he joins us to talk about why serving others in an apostolate/ministry is so important in the spiritual lives of men and as well as how to identify the apostolate/ministry that God is calling you to. 


#15: Being A Christian Witness In Academia

On today’s show, Duke University economics professor Peter Arcidiacono joins us to talk about being a Christian professor on a secular campus, dealing with social justice warriors, and how to be a Christian witness in academia.

#14: A Veteran Priest Reflects On Life, The Priesthood, Trusting God, And Being Men Of Christ

On today’s show, a wonderful, faithful priest, and my cousin, Msgr. Richard Lopez, joins us to talk about a variety of topics…  his life as a priest, discerning the priesthood, being a high school apologetics teacher and leading teens to Christ, being dependent on God, dealing with worry and growing in trust in God, the persecution of Christians in the Middle East, and the kind of men that Christ is calling us to be in times like these.

#13: Neurotechnology, Machine-Brain Interfaces, and the Proper Attitude Towards Technology

patick-connollyOn today’s show, neuroscientist Patrick Connolly joins us to talk about the promise and perils of new forms of technology, like brain-machine interfaces, as well as the proper attitude to take towards technology in general, in light of our Christian faith.



#12: Understanding The Temperament God Gave You

Art Bennet, marriage and family counselor and President of Catholic Charities of the Diocese of Arlington, joins us to talk about our God-given temperaments and how understanding our temperaments can make us better husbands, fathers, workers, bosses, etc.

#11: Spiritual Warfare, Fighting The Devil, & Protecting Our Families From Spiritual Attack

Rob Agnelli, husband and father of 3, joins us to talk about spiritual warfare, fighting the devil, and protecting our families from spiritual attack (including a story of how his family came under spiritual attack and how he was able, as the spiritual head of his family, to defend his family).


#10: France, Christianity, Islam, & Refugees

Today’s show is a recording of a discussion that a French friend of mine, Prof. Francois Birgand, and I had back this past summer, right after the terrorist attack on a Catholic Church where Muslim terrorists slit the throat of a priest while celebrating Mass.  

It’s more of a conversation than an interview, but we talk about a wide range of topics including, the historical and current state of Christianity in France, Islam in France, terrorism, refugees, and the Christian attitude to take when thinking through these complex issues. (more…)

#9: The Power Of A Christian Father (Part 2)

tony-decandia-srToday’s guest is Major Tony DeCandia, the father of last episode’s guest Fr. Tony Decandia.  Join us as we hear about his come-to-Jesus moment after getting shot down over the South China Sea as well as the power of a Christian father from the dad’s point of view… 


#8: The Power Of A Christian Father (Part 1)

fr-tony-decandia-picFather Tony DeCandia joins us to talk about the impact that his Evangelical Protestant father has had on his life and how his father helped lead him to a deep faith in Christ, to the Catholic Church, and even to the priesthood.



#7: Former FBI Assistant Director discusses “the largest threat to our culture and our country…”

Kevin Brock, a husband, father of eight, cybersecurity entrepreneur and former Assistant Director with the FBI, joins us to talk about “the largest threat to our culture and our country”…  pornography, current threats to women and children, raising daughters, Theology of the Body, fatherhood, manhood, etc.


#6: Fatherhood, Sonship, and Passing Faith On To Our Boys

Screen Shot 2016-03-23 at 1.07.13 PMJason Craig is an old friend and great guy who heads up Fraternus, an awesome ministry that equips dads and their sons to be the men that God’s calling them to be.  Join us as we talk about fatherhood, sonship, and passing faith on to our boys.


#5: When Being Obedient Is Hard… Really Hard… Divorce & Remarriage, Authority & Obedience

Screen Shot 2016-03-25 at 12.25.40 PMBill Harmon is a devoted husband, father of five, business owner, and men’s group leader, who, having been divorced and remarried, is now in what the Catholic Church refers to as an “irregular marriage”.  Join us as we talk about divorce and remarriage, authority and obedience, and when being obedient to God and the teachings of the Church is hard…  really hard…

(See the Show Notes for some Concluding Thoughts)


#4: Fitness, Fellowship & Faith (F3)

Rick Bonen-Clark…  husband, father, and finance & accounting consultant… joins us to talk about the F3 workout group and how it has had a big impact on his life and on his faith.



#3: Catholic Sexuality, Manhood, Discerning the Priesthood, and Being A Hero

Screen Shot 2016-04-29 at 5.14.02 PMDr. Patrick Yeung is a husband, father, and a surgeon specializing in 
Catholic reproductive medicine.  Join us as we talk about Catholic reproductive medicine, manhood, discerning the priesthood, and being a hero.



#2: Marriage, The Meaning of Man and Woman, Spiritual Warfare (Part 2)

Screen Shot 2016-05-04 at 7.50.26 AM

Part 2 of my conversation with Dr. Joe Eble and his wife Jen Eble, to talk about marriage, what it means to be a man, what it means to be a woman, and spiritual warfare.


#1: Marriage, The Meaning of Man and Woman, Spiritual Warfare (Part 1)

Screen Shot 2016-05-04 at 7.50.26 AMPart 1 of my conversation with Dr. Joe Eble and his wife Jen Eble, as we talk about marriage, what it means to be a man, what it means to be a woman, and spiritual warfare.